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The Cleft


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The Devil’s Hole


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Eastern Ripples


Seahenge was a magical place for me on the Norfolk coast. Constructed by Bronze Age humans I could feel it emanating faint arcane forces. In the interest of ‘preservation’ it was moved and housed in a museum. I visited once. It was like mourning a dead body. Held in plastics, dried and waxed, surrounded by purified air, all its energy was spent.


But I remember a time when it existed where the sky, ocean and dunes met. All natures energies and those summoned by pagan man seem fused. And I was there.


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Earth's Secrete Engine - extracts



Fieldfares are a type of thrush that migrate from Nordic lands in large flocks at wintertime. They eat the berries that native birds have left. Their birdsong and habits seem strange and foreign. They move on quickly following the weather in search of new food.

December 2019 - Click to read poem

Ruined Chapel – Twilight and Night - November Walk – Solipsistic Contradictions.


Inspired by a Norman chapel built on an old sacred site with a spring. Seeing is believing and the senses that our brain processes are often as close as we get to reality. But this gets hard when the visions creep in.

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William Blake - Blake’s Broken Vision.


Inspired by the huge retrospective exhibition of William Blake’s art at the Tate Modern. Just amazing how one person can go against the crowd and create his own world. A cast of characters brought to life including: Newton, Jehovah, Adam, Job, Puck, Oberon, Titania, Urizon and, of course, Satan.

November 2019 - Click to read poem

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