5 ways: a musical procession celebrating Larkhall

I have been delighted to be involved in the Larkhall Festival for the second year and hope, that together with community, we have realised an exciting new community music project 5 ways with 5 principal themes celebrating aspects of Larkhall.

The key objectives of the project were to enliven the 2010 Festival by

engaging the local community, especially our schools

celebrating Larkhall and the local community

having fun

unlocking creativity and develop skills

creating something interesting, entertaining and important.

The project had 3 parts

1 Development

workshops in the local schools

ad-hoc rehearsals of existing groups of musicians in the community

preparation through material available which was posted on this website

3 The legacy

using other media such as photography, art, video to create lasting multi-media event to form a basis for 2011’s celebrations

If you're interested in participating in future events like this please contact me

2 The event

5 Ways Community Music Project - 12.00-12.30pm New Oriel Hall, Larkhall

The 2010 Larkhall Festival kicked off at midday in and around the New Oriel Hall with a celebration of sounds inspired by Larkhall. Local composer Lawrence Reed designed the event in collaboration with the participants to create 5 distinct layers of sound.

  1. St Saviours junior school recorded sounds of the village and reflected them back from a variety of sources including Bath's famous pink milk float!
  2. St Saviours infants created a series of rhythmic chants inspired by Larkhall... all accompanied by pulsating percussion including the use of junk and other objects found in the village.
  3. the schools were joined by local musicians and the Cube Orchestra playing a piece of music composed for the event.
  4. St Saviours junior school percussion
  5. the marvellous bells of St Saviours church were ringing something different... including an awesome 'firing' of the bells.

Download the scores

  1. the noise manufactory - 242Kb pdf
  2. mechanisation - one minute wonder music - cube - 466Kb pdf
  3. time - one minute wonder counting - 241 Kb pdf
  4. words - one minute wonder talking - 240 Kb pdf
  5. bells of St Saviours Church Larkhall - 32Kb pdf

Listen to highlights of the performance

Listen to the noise manufactory (4 parts)

Zone Digital - A Day in the Life of...

Lawrence Reed, MA composition student
at Bath Spa University

Download pdf file 1.2MB

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