Great fun trying out some new and old pieces on 29th August 2011 at The Croft in Bristol

Here's a recording of a couple of the results

nothing is lost, only altered

General instructions

Use multiple microphones, amplification and speakers for each structure

Make the amplified sound as natural as possible

Do not ‘treat’ the sounds in any way other than through natural distortion and feedback

Do not influence the resultant noise once the systems have been activated

Specific instructions

  1. Choose an event site (where the event happens)
  2. Choose a safe listening point where the event can be heard from the site
  3. In choosing the event space and listening point try to use the natural acoustics of the landscape to enhance the acoustic and amplified sound of the event
  4. Choose an event start time
  5. Duration of event to be 30 minutes
  6. Create a structure (structure 1) that is highly combustible and attach a fuse from the listening point
  7. Create a large unstable structure (structure 2) out of resonant materials on top of structure 1
  8. Create a structure (structure 3) that naturally amplifies and alters the sound of running water and is fed by a hosepipe at the listening point
  9. Structure 3 should be designed so that the water should overflow onto structures 1 and 2 and extinguish the fire in about 10 minutes
  10. Ignite fuse 10 minutes after start time
  11. Feed water into the structure 3 20 minutes after the start time using the hosepipes from the listening point

Turn off any amplification after 30 minutes

© lawrence reed oct 2008

generations 1

take piece of music

fix exact coordinates for a venue

perform every 10 years to the exact anniversary

generations 2

take piece of music up to 5 minutes long

perform every 10 years to the exact anniversary

generations 3

create a sonic event

record events and interview audience reaction on video

replay video recoding 1 year later

repeat actions two and three for as long as possible

© lawrence reed oct 2008 - february 2009



6 cordless microphones
6 amplifiers
6 speakers
6 animals


Attach cordless microphones to 6 live animals

  1. Do not harm in any way
  2. Create a listening point where the animals cannot be seen
  3. Amplify sound but do not add any effects
  4. Arrange 6 speakers in a semicircle
  5. Continue for one hour

© lawrence reed – jan 2010


I have been involved in community music project all my life... mostly without even knowing it. Starting with school and church choirs and moving on to the local Arts Centre and Folk Club circuit in North London and East Anglia. I have also been involved in various musical collectives and, more recently, The Guitar Circle. For me now it’s all about reflecting and celebrating the culture and communities I’m working in. Creating community music projects that are important and great fun to be part of.

My recent projects are exemplified in the Larkhall Festival and the ebb of acrophobia performed in Trafalgar Square with over 50 musicians from all over the UK turning up on the day to participate. Amazing, they had no rehearsal but took ideas and concepts from my website beforehand.

The music can be improvisational and experimental in nature, but often underpinned by some directions or guidelines. There is usually no musical ability required as a basis for participation.

In the future I hope to organise a musical extravaganza at Mount Edgcumbe. This project focuses on the early Edgcumbe family and Mount Edgcumbe House and aims to bring together the community in a celebration through music of this local history and heritage.

If you enjoy participating in these kind of events please let me know

© lawrence reed 2022