The Edgcumbe project

In the 15th Century an old ancestor of mine Richard Edgcumbe helped change the course of English history by sailing to France and retuning to fight victoriously with the then Henry (Earl of Richmond) at Bosworth.

This new project focuses on the early Edgcumbe family and Mount Edgcumbe House and aims to bring together the community in a celebration through music of this local history and rich heritage.

Local communities would be engaged with the tangible output being a mulit-site musical event at Mount Edgcumbe House using 4 key spaces and buildings in Earl’s Garden and the Great Hall.

I'll be writing some original compositions that include setting the poem 'Young Edgcumbe' by Charles Causley (c1959) about Sir Richard Edgcumbe (d.1489) to music. We're planning be a range of performances: from schools, local music groups and ensembles, aimed at reflecting this rich history. The project would also involve some historical research into the early Edgcumbes and the background to the poem which would aim to engage schools, local historical societies, the Edgcumbe family and Plymouth University.

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