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2103 saw Lawrence writing several soundtracks the most significant of which was for Broken Pieces, a Gary Morecambe production which was aired on Sky Arts. This innovative and quirky soundtrack employed many real instruments in an effort to break away from the almost incessant artificial sound of midi-keyboard on soundtracks.

When I created the soundtrack to Gary Morecombe’s film Doors I predominantly featured extracts from guitar duet work written as Fight and Flight. The result is fun, light and whimsical.

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stage – dance and theatre

Facebook meltdown

Megan Lea and Lawrence Reed © 2010

Facebook meltdown originated from a workshop with composer Judith Weir and storyteller Vayu Naidu.

It is a short improvisation around two people conducting a relationship through facebook

It was performed at the Bath International Music Festival on the 5th June


I was commissioned to write the soundtrack (which included some songs and dance music) in 2009 by Director Jennifer Fitzgerald. I used a mixture of natural guitar music and synthetic sounds to create contrast. In particular synthetic timpani and string/choir mellotrons. Safe In Numbers had a successful 2 week run in Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009. The following videos are some representative extracts

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