the ebb of acrophobia

Trafalgar Square London

recorded mid-day 13th july 2009

moaning acrophobia

the ebb of acrophobia - movement 1

the ebb of acrophobia - movement 2

impartials up

the acrophobic speaks

impartials down

the ebb of acrophobia - movement 3

the ebb of acrophobia - movement 4

percussive acrophobia

We would like to thank (in no particular order) Ian Singleton, film-maker / Glyn Turner, web design / Paul Beddoe, photos and recordings / Matt, recruitment / Natalie Bleicher and all those who boosted our ranks from COMA / The Cube Orchestra / Marika Rauscher, soprano solo / Anna Painna , clarnet / Will Hensel, melodica / Ivor Kllin / Sonia Paco-Rocchia, bassoon / Dale Stanley, guitar / Nathan Thomas, french horn / Olver Kohil, viola / Susanna Ferrar, fiddle / Jonny Cornish, percusssion / Lee James, double bass / Gerry Barnet, melodica / Steve Radford, sax / The Fungus Moth, percussion / Jerry Amstead, theremin / Moses Jones, harmoica / Pauline Marshall, vocal / Eliot Short, violin

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